What Does Palo Azul Mean?

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A lot of people might be wondering to themselves - what the heck does Palo Azul stand for?

So instead of just explaining what palo azul means, I'm going to list a dictionary with other words and phrases you might just find here. I'll also go ahead and list the medical terms and usage that people drink palo azul tea for. 


Palo Azul Tea Dictionary

Palo Azul - Spanish for 'Blue Stick'

Palo - in Spanish this means 'Blue'

Azul - in Spanish this means 'Stick'

Tea - an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves or bark

Kidney Wood - a nickname for palo azul tea used by Europeans in the 18th century referring to the benefits it has on the kidneys

Cyclolepis - species of plants from which the palo azul shrub is related

Cyclolepis Genistoides or Eysenhardtia Polystachya - scientific names for the palo azul shrub

Palo Dulce - 'sweet stick' 

Palo Santo - 'holy stick' 


Medical Terminology 

Detox - to cleanse the body of harmful/dangerous toxins 

Hypoglycemia - a term used for when the body has below normal glucose levels

Diabetes - a disease where the body cannot produce enough insulin causing higher levels of glucose 

Kidney Infections - Includes kidney diseases, swollen kidneys, and kidney stones

Sore Joints - on this website, sore joints could include arthritis, gout, joint pains, lower back pains, etc.