Natural Kidney Cleanse: The Ultimate Guide

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Do you, or someone you know, suffer from painful kidney stones?

Unfortunately, for some people, kidney stones are a way of life.

And, so are the lifestyle changes involved in keeping the kidneys cleansed? And, what if there was an easier, natural way to keep your kidneys healthy?

Drinking tea is proven to be beneficial for your health. However, this special tea is the best kept secret for your kidney health. So, take charge of your life and keep your kidneys healthy by natural way. And, find out why everybody is talking about Azul Tea.

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Kidney Health: Overview

Your kidneys are an essential part of your body’s natural filtration system. This pair of organs balance the relative relationship of minerals in your body. They remove extra water and waste from the blood. But, that’s not all the kidneys are responsible for.

Additionally, the kidneys make vital hormones. And, these hormones are responsible for stimulating bone marrow that, in turn, makes red blood cells. Kidneys also produce active substances involved in blood pressure regulation.

But, when your kidneys are unhealthy, this can lead to a variety of diseases and chronic conditions. This may include:

Chronic Kidney Disease

First, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the main diseases you can develop when your kidneys aren’t working properly. You may get CKD if your kidneys are too damaged to properly filter your blood. If your blood isn’t getting filtered, the majority of metabolites remain in your circulation and can lead to serious damage

The most common causes of CKD are high blood pressure and diabetes.


Next, you may also get kidney cysts. Most of the time, these cysts are benign. But, people who have CKD are susceptible to acquired cystic kidney disease (ACKD).

ACKD may cause complications. And, treatment would include draining or surgery.


Additionally, the risk of kidney cancer is greater when you don’t take care of your kidneys. There are a variety of factors that may promote the development of kidney cancer. And, systematic treatment for chronic kidney failure is one of them.


Kidney stones are one of the most common renal complications. There are no specific causes for kidney stones. However, an unhealthy lifestyle that put stress on your kidneys can increase your risk of developing stones.


Finally, kidney infections may occur if bacteria enter your urinary tract and reach to your kidneys. The probability of getting such a complication is higher when the urinary tract is blocked by kidney stones.Although the infections themselves are treatable, they can be inconvenient.

Also, chronically untreated infections may lead to long-term complications, including CKD.

What Is Azul Tea?

So, what is the answer for good kidney health? Well, besides adjusting your lifestyle, you may also drink special herbal teas. Some teas have benefits that are specific to kidney health. And, Azul Tea is one of them.

Azul Tea is a folk remedy for kidneys. It comes from the bark of Palo Azul trees and shrubs. The pieces resemble chopped wood, even though it’s technically considered an herb.

It’s found natively in Central and South America. But, you may also find it in Texas and different parts of Mexico.

Because of its centuries-old reputation for promoting kidney health, it is sometimes called “Kidney Wood”.

Originally used by the Aztecs, Europeans exported this tree bark to Europe for its medicinal properties.

How Is It Prepared?

The bark is boiled in water. This extracts the health benefits, as well as flavor and natural blue dye. The color is where the name is derived from.

Steeping time may be up to an hour. So, it would be helpful to prepare a large pot in advance. And, place leftovers in the refrigerator for later use.

How Does It Work?

Palo Azul bark is a natural diuretic. And, diuretics help the body produce more urine. So, this tea flushes the body naturally by helping promote better kidney function.

Diuretics also help treat various diseases in modern medicine. This may include liver cirrhosis, hypertension, heart failure, as well as kidney diseases.

Who Is It For?

This tea is for anyone who wants better kidney health without using artificial methods. This all-natural remedy may also appeal to those who suffer from chronic kidney stones. And, for those, who are at a higher risk of various kidney conditions.

Benefits and Supporting Research

Palo Azul bark is not just another untested natural remedy. Its benefits have been researched and documented. Here are some scientific findings on the benefits of Azul Tea as a natural kidney cleanse:


First, the main use of this plant is as a diuretic. Though its use is steeped in history, contemporary research also supports Palo Azul’s diuretic properties. A recent study concluded that this bark helped the urinary system by acting as a diuretic and inducing diuretic activity.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Also, researchers found that Palo Azul may help prevent some metabolic syndromes. What does that mean for your kidneys? Metabolic syndrome may be associated with markers for chronic kidney disease

. It is also associated with other high-risk conditions such as excess body fat, high blood sugar, and increased blood pressure.

Indirectly, this also helps prevent kidney disease because diabetes and high blood pressure are associated with it. So, regulating high blood sugar and high blood pressure as well as other CKD associated markers is an added benefit.

Additionally, researchers also found that Palo Azul may improve insulin resistance. This is because the bark increases myotube creation in muscles thus increasing glucose uptake by them. And, it also increases muscle mass in the body.

What do muscles have to do with insulin? Think of “myocytes” as muscle cells. They are the cells that make up different muscle fibers throughout your body.  The differentiation of myocyte, or muscle cell, happens every time these cells multiply or specialize.

And, muscle cell differentiation affects insulin receptors.

According to experts, when muscle cell differentiation occurs it also increases the growth of insulin receptors within cells of the human body. Insulin receptors help distribute blood sugar to your cells, so if you have more of them, your insulin sensitivity increases and are better able to regulate your glucose levels.

Reduces Dietary Acid

Next, one of the reasons that kidney stones form is eating a high acidic diet. But, Palo Azul helps to reduce the amount of dietary acid in your body. This is due to the plant’s natural alkalinizing properties.

Studies show that reducing the amount of dietary acid may help when your kidneys are injured. And, it also helps to reduce kidney deterioration.

Furthermore, Palo Azul may also help dissolve sediment in the urinary tract. When the sediment dissolves, it filters back through the kidneys to be excreted in urine.

Helps with the Common Type of Kidney Stone

Do you suffer from calcium oxalate kidney stones? They are one of the most common kidney stone types. And, are sometimes referred to as calcium stones.

Doctors may prescribe medications to prevent calcium stones. In addition, research suggests that Palo Azul may help stop the creation of these stones, naturally. The key is in the isoflavones presented in the plant. These crystalline compounds were tested on rats. And researchers found that the isoflavones stopped calcium oxalate formation.

Decreases Blood Glucose Levels

Are you at risk of diabetes? Or, perhaps you already have it. Often, being diabetic leaves you open to other kidney complications, too. But, taking Palo Azul can help with lowering your glucose levels as well as promoting good kidney health.

In an animal study, scientists found that blood sugar levels significantly dropped. The lower results came from using Palo Azul bark steeped in water. The bark was used the same way that it was used for traditional medicine in the past.

Furthermore, even if you are not diagnosed with diabetes, high blood sugar can still damage your kidneys. High glucose levels make it difficult to be filtered from your blood. Because the high sugar levels overwork your kidneys, they will eventually break down.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Lastly, one study found that taking the plant as a diuretic has additional benefits, too. Palo Azul extracts may also reduce inflammation in your body. And, this property may stop inflammation in your kidneys and the surrounding tissue.

Why You Need It

Drinking Azul Tea may be trending right now. And, the benefits are supported in the scientific community. So, you know it isn’t all hype.

This natural kidney cleanse remedy may help prevent potential kidney conditions. And, it is a good addition to your diet if you are prone to kidney stones. Especially if you don’t want to take medications to prevent kidney stones from forming.

So, are you ready to incorporate this tea into your routine? If so, take a look at the steps below.

Natural Kidney Cleanse in 5 Easy Steps

1.      Change Your Diet

First, your diet should be healthy. If it’s not already, you may need to make some important changes. And, these changes will directly impact your kidneys.

If you are prone to calcium oxalate kidney stones, you may need to reduce certain foods. Foods that are high in oxalates should be restricted in your diet. That includes tea, chocolate, nuts, black pepper, soy products, spinach, okra, Swiss chard, rhubarb, and beets.

In addition, you may need to minimize your salt intake. Consider low-sodium substitutes or other spices instead of putting salt in your food. Also, you need to reduce the amount of animal protein you eat. Since you also can’t eat soy products, a good protein solution is legumes.

2.      Drink More Water

Next, stay hydrated. Your kidneys need liquid to flush out your system. So, make sure you are getting enough throughout the day.

The Mayo Clinic recommends passing 2.5 liters of urine a day. So, if you are prone to kidney stones make sure you are drinking enough liquids. You will know that you are drinking enough if your urine is clear and light in color.

3.      Start Exercising

Exercise is great for your overall health. So, if you aren’t already, you need to get moving. Also, regular exercise may help prevent other serious conditions that are linked with kidney disease like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight and keep diabetes at bay. It may also help to control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

4.      Reduce Your Stress

What does your stress levels have to do with your kidney health? High stress levels can negatively impact your overall health. And, your existing health conditions may get worse.

Chronic stress may lead to higher risks of developing heart disease and diabetes. And, both are also associated with kidney diseases and conditions.

If you are under a lot of stress, you may overeat or not pay attention to your diet. Snacking on the wrong things may make your kidney conditions worse. You may also neglect drinking the necessary liquids to keep your kidney conditions under control.

Invest some time in de-stressing. Whether it’s taking up a hobby or socializing with loved ones, have an outlet for your stress. It can be as simple as going for regular walks. That takes care of your exercise routine as well as helps you decompress.

5.      Drink Azul Tea

Finally, pick up some Azul Tea. Tea made from Palo Azul has a variety of health benefits. But, it’s main use is as a diuretic. So, remember to drink more water when you incorporate this tea into your schedule. Because the tea increases urine production and you need liquids to produce the urine, lest you risk dehydration.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to keep your kidneys healthy. You can change your diet and practice healthy habits. But, sometimes kidney stones develop despite your best efforts.

Modern medical treatments include medications and invasive surgeries. But, some people who have chronic kidney problems prefer natural treatments. Luckily, there are some alternative treatments available.

And, Azul tea is one of them. It’s a kidney cleanse done naturally. So the tea, combined with other healthy lifestyle changes, may help prevent the development of more kidney stones in the future.

And, it’s supported  by scientific community, not hype.