How To Make Palo Azul Tea In 5 Easy Steps


Palo Azul Tea is very similar to how any other tea is made. It is simple, quick, and easy. We will show you exactly how to make the tea to get a nice blue color

You will need:

  • 1oz of Palo Azul bark
  • A large pot filled with 1 and 1/2 gallons of water
  • A cover for the pot
  • A spoon to stir with
  • A drinking glass or tea mug

1. Put the large pot filled with 1 1/2 gallons of water on a high flame

Wait until the tea has started to boil and then move to the next step. Remember a watched pot never boils! 

    How to make Palo Azul 1

    2. Put in 1oz of Palo Azul bark into the water when it has started boiling

    1oz of tea is enough to make one and 1/2 gallons of tea. Make sure to close the container that the tea came in. It is important that it is air-tight so it stays dry. 

    How to make Palo Azul 2


    3. Cover the large pot to stop evaporation. Let the Palo Azul boil for 60 minutes

    If you want stronger tea you can boil for an additional 20-30 minutes. If a lot of water has been lost to evaporation you can add a few more cups. You can also let the tea soak with the wood overnight in the fridge. Cooking or soaking the tea for longer will intensify the blue color.

    How to make Palo Azul 3

    4. Remove the bark, it has no reason to stay in

    Some customers who enjoy a stronger tea will soak the tea overnight with the bark. This is not necessary unless you want a stronger taste. Once you have boiled the bark once you can throw it away. Please strain the tea through a cheesecloth to ensure there is no bark left.

    How to make Palo Azul 4

    5. Enjoy! 

    You can drink it either warm or cold!

    How to make Palo Azul 5

    How to See the Blue Color of Palo Azul Tea


    We often get questions about the color of the tea not being blue enough.

    The tea will change colors as you cook it. It will progress through many different shades of brown, red, and blue.

    To get a more blue color you can cook the tea for an hour and a half. Also, the blue is only seen as a refraction of light. 

    To get an intense blue color put in a clear glass or water bottle. Then hold the container up to the light. You can also use a flashlight if it is not daytime. You will clearly see the blue tints of the tea. Enjoy! 


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