Why Azul Tea Is a Bad Idea for Weight Loss

Natural diuretics such as Azul Tea may relieve fluid retention, but they are not supposed to help you to lose weight. Discover why using diuretics is a bad idea for weight loss and learn more about the scientifically proven benefits of Azul Tea.

Why Diuretics Are Not Good for Weight Loss

Azul Tea is made from Palo Azul wood, or Kidney Wood (Cyclolepis), a medicinal herb and natural diuretic that has been known to the Aztec people for hundreds of years. Diuretics are used to alleviate the course certain kidney diseases, as well as other systematic disorders; including heart failure, hypertension, and liver cirrhosis. Like all diuretics, Azul Tea promotes the increased production of urine.

But there is no scientific evidence that diuretics can help with weight loss. What’s more, if you take diuretics such as water pills on a regular basis with the aim of losing weight, your kidneys will eventually compensate and will start retain more sodium and water than your body really needs. This can promote the development of diuretic-induced edema that will increase your weight.

Because the human body is consisted of  around 60% water, some people may be tempted to use diuretics to lose weight by relieving fluid retention. It is true that by relieving fluid retention, natural diuretics may have an impact on your weight. But this impact is negligible and can only have short-term results.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not by losing the water content in your body that you can achieve any significant long-term effects. Our bodies need water to function, and they tend to replace the depleted water content.

So that instead, you should turn your attention to the main culprit behind weight loss, which is fat. To lose weight effectively, exercise and eat healthily. For example, you can naturally reduce fluid absorption in your body by avoiding using salt and processed foods that contain salt.  

Natural diuretics like Azul Tea are completely safe for people who want to lose weight, but Azul Tea is not the first line choice  for weight loss.


The Positive Attributes of Azul Tea

Azul Tea is a powerful diuretic with a wide-range of health benefits. By helping the urinary system to release water and sodium , Azul Tea is an all-natural remedy for kidney diseases such as infections, kidney stones, and swollen kidneys. It can be especially effective against kidney stones, helping both to eliminate them and to prevent their formation.

At the same time, Azul Tea has proven anti-inflammatory properties, making it both an antirheumatic and an antispasmodic. Drank regularly, it can reduce joint pain, reduce lower back pain intensity, help arthritis, and help build stronger joints.

Furthermore, Azul Tea can decrease your blood glucose levels and improve insulin-resistance. It can be a useful aid in the treatment of diabetes and any other conditions that increase blood glucose levels.

Palo Azul is also known for its power to detox the body. Azul Tea makes detoxifying your body as easy as drinking a few cups of tea. It can purge your body of toxins and can even help you pass a drug test, provided that you drink it at least 18-24 hours before the test.

It is important to remember that to enjoy all the benefits of the Palo Azul, this herb needs to be submerged in water. Quick and easy to make, Azul Tea is a delicious way to enjoy all the benefits of this remarkable herb.

In conclusion, we recommend Azul Tea for its scientifically proven health benefits, but not as a choice for weight loss. And that is coming from people that make money selling the tea. Azul Tea is not supposed to help you lose weight, nor should you use any other diuretics to lose weight.