About Azul Tea

Azul Tea was founded in 2015 when we when we realized how difficult it was to get high-quality Palo Azul Tea outside of Mexico.

We're based in the United States and ship our product from our FDA approved warehouse (conveniently located in the midwest for shipping). 

We source our tea from Mexico. We have found the Mexican variety to be better than that grown in Texas. 


When we started the company it was almost impossible to get Palo Azul online. Since our founding, we have been proud of the growth of the industry and continue to strive to serve our customers. 


If you have any questions or just want to say "hi" send us a note on our contact page.

About Palo Azul

Palo Azul tea is a liquid byproduct of the Palo Azul bark. Made only after it is brewed at home. Technically a herb, Palo Azul is individually small pieces of chopped wood from the bark of Palo Azul shrubs and trees. Palo Azul will either be in its original form of a flowery shrub or a lanky tree depending on where it is grown (In the state of Texas vs parts of Mexico). Our bark is imported from Mexico. The bark then releases its flavor and natural blue color by being boiled in water.

Palo Azul is the most popular name, but the tea also is known by the following names. Many are the scientific name of the tea in English and Spanish. 

How To Make Palo Azul Tea

You can easily make Palo Azul tea at home on the stove top with just the tea and water. We have put together a video and detailed instructions of how to make the tea here.  

Money Back Guarantee

Azul Tea offers a one-year, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on all of its products and herbs.**

** Our money back guarantee is for a maximum of one single purchase amount and does not apply to multiple bag purchases. Ex. if you buy 5x8oz bags you will only be refunded for one 8oz bag purchase. 


Azul Tea's shipping is a flat rate of free to anywhere in the US, regardless of how many packages you purchase. Worldwide shipping is available to all countries. USPS is used for all orders, domestic and international.

Express shipping is also available with a 1-2 day option. The cost is $29 USD.