About Palo Azul

About Us

Azul Tea was founded when we realized how difficult it was to get high quality premium Palo Azul Tea outside of Mexico.

When I first heard about Palo Azul Tea from friends, I wanted to buy some for myself. But online searches proved difficult. It was difficult to find a supplier with fast shipping and a reputable website. I had to crawl through forums and blog posts for information on the herb.

I had genuine concerns ranged from mild like - "Were the benefits true?" And "Is Palo Azul easy enough for me to make?"

All the way to very serious concerns like - "Were these sites trustworthy? Would they scam me? Take my credit card information and go on a wild shopping spree with it?" These are common, genuine concerns for shoppers. Especially for palo azul, because it is still considerably new and hard to find product.

None of these sites selling palo azul were very informative either. There was no guide on how to easily brew palo azul tea. No information on palo azul's background. Its studies. Or detailed writing on its benefits.

I looked to change that. By not only providing a source for customers to purchase highly potent premium palo azul from a trusted source. But to provide a resource for the subject.

Azul Tea is now a popular customer-first brand. With marvelous staff who help process, package, and ship out palo azul individually or wholesale.

Azul Tea keeps in touch with customers by answering questions through email and releasing comprehensive information and entertainment on social media. Azul Tea posts informative articles on palo azul and the industry. Blog articles such as how to brew palo azul and the palo azul's background inform the public on the subject.

If you have any questions just send us a note on our contact page.



About Palo Azul

Palo azul tea is a liquid byproduct of the palo azul bark. Made only after it is brewed at home. Technically a herb, palo azul is individually small pieces of chopped wood from the bark of palo azul shrubs and trees. Palo azul will either be in its original form of a flowery shrub or a lanky tree depending on where it is grown (In the state of Texas vs parts of Mexico).

The palo azul bark is then squeezed of its flavor, natural blue dye, and health benefits by being boiled in water. The palo azul boiled in water gives a concoction ripe with earthy greatness of health benefits also known more simply as palo azul tea. Those of which have been properly taken advantage of for centuries. Promoting kidney health, stronger joints, and detoxing are examples of such benefits.


**Important Note - Palo azul is marketed by some as a surefire way to pass drug tests if you drink the tea before a drug test. This is backed by a great deal of claims and personal experiences. It is not however backed by scientific research, studies, or evidence and should not be taken as such.

The same is true with weight loss claims. With fewer claims and absolutely no scientific studies. This is why we do not claim palo azul as a weight loss supplement. Azul Tea sees no reason to do such as there's no proof for it.**

** Our money back guarantee is for a maximum of one single purchase amount and does not apply to multiple bag purchases. Ex. if you buy 5x8oz bags you will only be refunded for one 8oz bag purchase. You will not receive your money back for not passing a drug test.



How To Make Palo Azul Tea

The only ingredients for palo azul are two individual elements.

1) Palo Azul Bark

2) Water

In a kitchen - fill a large pot with approximately a gallon and half of water.

Put this large pot filled with water over a high flame. Preferably the stove if possible.

Keep it there until the water is boiling.

From your Azul Tea package, take 2oz of palo azul bark. Measure this with a kitchen scale. If you don't have a kitchen scale, don't fret. 2oz is approximately a large handful of palo azul and it does not have to be exact. You can always use more than 2oz.

Gently place the bark in the water. Don't dump it in so you avoid having the hot water splash and burn you.

Let the palo azul boil in the water for one full hour.

You will notice that the water immediately gets a colorful tint to it. Depending on your lighting, this tint may be a reddish brownish color like a brick. Or a bluish hue like cotton candy.

This is normal. It is the natural dyes that the palo azul bark is possessed with.

When the timer rings from counting down to one hour - turn the heat off and let your boiling palo azul tea simmer down.

Pour yourself a heaping glass of palo azul tea and save the rest for later by refrigerating it in a cold fridge.

Careful, its hot! 


Money Back Guarantee

Azul Tea offers a 1 year money back guarantee on all of its products and herbs, especially palo azul. Absolute satisfaction is essential for us to deliver to our customers which is why we offer such a lengthy and immense money back policy.

Why do our competitors guarantee their palo azul for only 30 or so days? Do they know something about their palo azul that they're not telling you?

** Our money back guarantee is for a maximum of one single purchase amount and does not apply to multiple bag purchases. Ex. if you buy 5x8oz bags you will only be refunded for one 8oz bag purchase. You will not receive your money back for not passing a drug test.



Azul Tea's shipping is a flat rate of FREE to anywhere in the US, regardless of how many packages you purchase. Expedite overnight shipping is available. Worldwide shipping is available. USPS is used for all orders, in the states or worldwide.

Express shipping is also available with a 1-2 day option.