Palo Azul Tea

Recommended since the 16th century to help:
• Improve kidney health
• Reduce inflammation
• Detoxify for drug tests

Carefully selected naturally grown Palo Azul bark.

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Palo Azul Tea

Our Palo Azul: Grown From Lush, Sun-Drenched Fields of South Central Mexico

Just wait until you try a cup of our Palo Azul tea at that perfect temperature - truly one the sweetest, smoothest, most delicious brews! Not just one or two pieces of bark, but a full 8oz bag of these crisp, luscious beauties. Each one carefully selected by experienced farmers from lush, sun-drenched fields in south central Mexico.

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This natural farming produces the most potent Palo Azul as its final result. You are getting the purest, most elegant Palo Azul you've ever seen in every bag. Every deliciously smooth sip you take is 100% Palo Azul that you're tasting. Preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, manufactured sugar? Forget about it. The whole cup is natural with a pureness that deserves an honor of its own. Talk about organic!

The packaging? Only the most robust and sleekest packaging. Sturdy, 6 millimeter thick bags provide a more than sufficient barrier, giving confidence that there will be no tearing and ensuring the Palo Azul contained inside is free from outside contamination. This Palo Azul Tea for sale comes with inner-bag lamination that will keep it as fresh as possible. An air tight resealable zip closure makes opening and closing the bag effortless and keeps the inside protected. The innovative gusset pouch design enables the bag to stand by itself - no matter how filled the package is. A transparent window made of durable polyester film allows any tea enthusiast to indulge their eyes with the Palo Azul enclosed.

Go to the kitchen, pour a cup of the freshest, most delicious Palo Azul Tea you've ever brewed. Go on, pour yourself a big, hearty cup. Careful, it's hot (or cold if you like ice tea)! Now take a big sip. Talk about heavenly! The tea was made fresh this morning and brewed with everything wonderful Earth has to offer.

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Our Palo Azul: Grown From Lush, Sun-Drenched Fields of South Central Mexico

Enjoy improved health, mood, and energy. Healthy kidneys cleanse the body's fuel, facilitating a positive lifestyle.

Palo Azul is a traditional treatment for the kidneys.

Palo Azul is a traditional treatment for the kidneys.

This therapeutic bark is aptly referred to as kidneywood1 and has been widely used to treat and cleanse the kidneys2 since the 16th century.

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Improve the health of your joints

Improve the health of your joints

Palo azul contains powerful anti inflammatory2 agents. Brew it as a tea for rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and pain relief from broken bones and sprains.

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Detoxify your body for an upcoming drug test

Detoxify your body for an upcoming drug test

Palo azul has been widely used as a diuretic2 to help your body flush out toxins. Many people forced to take a drug test have confirmed Palo Azul can help to pass a test.

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Palo Azul promotes kidney health.

Palo Azul promotes kidney health.

Research has found Palo Azul Tea helps ease kidney disorders including kidney infections, swollen kidneys, kidney stones, and urinary tract pain.

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Palo Azul can improve joint health.

Palo Azul can improve joint health.

Palo Azul is an anti-inflammatory2 agent which reduces joint pain from conditions such as arthritis and gout. Palo Azul can also offer relief to pain and swelling from sports injuries. Because of it's powerful anti-inflammatory benefits it is often recommended by doctors as an alternative to heating and cooling therapy.

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Palo Azul Detoxes For Drug Tests.

Palo Azul Detoxes For Drug Tests.

Popular among those looking for jobs that require a short-notice drug test. A common method is a natural drug detox, and Palo Azul is a diuretic that has been proven to help individuals pass drug tests when they normally would fail.

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Recent Reviews of Azul Tea

Stephanie R. 01/20/16
There are so many benefits to this product and if you are having any issues that it addresses, you should use it. This is the website I recommend purchasing from.

– Stephanie R. 01/20/16

Zehra Z. 09/14/16
This tea not only tastes good, but it made me feel very refreshed and revitalized. Used this to pass my drug test...great product!

– Zehra Z. 09/14/16

Renita S. 02/23/17
Really good tea and good for you.

– Renita S. 02/23/17

Kevin I.  01/16/16
It was great doing business. Wish all companies where as prompt as yours.

– Kevin I. 01/16/16

Rita J. 12/06/16
They shipped my order quickly and I was happy with the results. Azul tea taste great without any honey or anything. Enjoy!.

– Rita J. 12/06/16

Tracy M.  01/20/17
I am glad i decided to try this, i find it relaxing in the evening.

– Tracy M. 01/20/17

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